A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

The classic Pong style game, goes football now, International Pong Football, is the unique pongball game. Actually in developement, Beta release.

Install instructions

Ubuntu: Install by software center (ignore message details)


International Pong Football 2018.rar 29 MB
IPF18-Demo_0.2.2_all.deb 19 MB


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Tnx man :) ...meanwhile i want to contribute with a suggestion: to add a "free" mode, where the players can move within own half pitch. This would be better then "air hockey", because the goal cannot be covered (yes, all airhockey games are wrong!). Based on this, should be non too difficult to add a 2v2 mode also? Players could be placed alternately in 4 limited sectors, and like in the original Pong soccer mode, the ball bypass the striker players:

Not XP compatible D:

Did you have Net Framework 3.5 and up? 

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Uh, sorry for the delay :P ..Yes I have all netfs compatible versions for xp installed (from v1.1 to v4extended), plus all other runtimes like visualc, xna etc. The error, instantly on double click, say that it's "not a valid win32 application". For my knowledge, it depend by the kind of the engine code.

Yeah, as you said. Also if you get the message "not a valid win32 application" means it's only x64 compatible, so I guess you can play on Windows XP if its the x64 version.

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nope... just tried on 64bit by virtual machine, but the massage is the same (other games have the some behavior too). On vm i still play many other games, some of them also declared non xp compatible as well. If your game is coded under unreal engine 4, this seems to be the solution: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Programming/UnrealBuildSystem/Configura... ...in any case, really thanks for your time :)

Really thank you for your feedback :D I will see

Oh and soon I will update it, I will check compatibility with older windows and 32 architecture.